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The Scarlet Forest:

A Tale of Robin Hood


You are invited underneath the great greenwood tree to hear how a young man became a hero, and a hero became a legend. Blending true history with new stories, and some almost forgotten medieval legends, The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood brings a new life to the greenwood, which here feels as fresh as it does traditional.  Drawing on an academic background in medieval English studies at the University of Nottingham, A. E. Chandler captivates with this unique and nuanced reinterpretation of Robin Hood’s struggles and adventures. The forest is waiting.

This bestselling novel is now out in an expanded 2nd edition - also available as an audio book.

The 2nd edition includes more bonus material, like a translation of one of the five surviving medieval "ballads," and two medieval recipes.

You can order one of the few remaining 1st edition copies here.

Amazon.ca                                     Chapters/Indigo

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Amazon.com                                 Kobo Australia

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Thanks to Melissa and her book club for inviting me to join their discussion on The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood.

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